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Job Description

—- Textile QA Engineer —-

Triangle Home Fashions LLC is looking for a part-time Textile QA Engineer in our East Brunswick, NJ office.   In this position, the candidate will participate in product design and development through whole life cycle, and work with a variety of materials including man-made and natural textiles, leather and fur.  Be responsible for developing fabrics for home textile products including outdoor fabric treated with UV and water proof.


  • Prepare engineering documentation, specifications and drawings, develop engineering plans and QA procedures and prepare technical and user documentation for company staff in the US and suppliers/manufacturers in China.   Assist the Manager of Textile Design Department in establishing fabric product specifications based upon product design and makes final fabric selections for new collections.


  • Research capabilities and limitations of fabric production, production lead times, dye lot minimums and standards of quality in fabric production; work with all suppliers on product testing to have high quality textile product; develop written specifications and recommendations for fabric usage from suppliers based upon analysis of laboratory tests conducted by independent laboratories, and evaluate fabric results for flammability, toxicity, gas emissions color accuracy, bending, flexing, stretching, fatigue, thermal product performance, resistance, light fastness, durability, yield ratio and suitability for production purposes.


  • Monitor the process performance and yields of fabric currently being used in the production of unique and fashionable home textile products to insure that fabrics being purchased meet all company established standards and specifications necessary for production purposes.


  • Communicate with suppliers/manufactures to troubleshoot fabric problems as defined during the testing and development process, assure that Quality Control procedures are being implemented and oversee content of ISO procedures, work instructions and documents within production department, operations and other team members.



Requirements: the candidate must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in Textile Engineering or related discipline, with extensive knowledge of textile materials, structure and design of fabric, and advanced weaving technology as well as quality control.



—- Business Operation & Management Analyst —-

We are looking for a part-time professional Business Operation & Management Analyst in our East Brunswick, NJ office (The headquarter of Triangle Home Fashions LLC).


Summary of duties to be perfumed:


  • Conduct business/product studies and performance evaluations; assist Business Manager/Vice President in preparing the proposed production plans, procedures and operational reports for purchasing, inventory, and distribution requirements; perform financial analysis and projection on new product line, particularly in profitability on a regular basis.
  • Analyze factors that contribute to or reduce profitability, assess risks, benefits; gather and analyze sales data on new products and develop business opportunities to increase profitability and to forecast future marketing trends on the products.
  • Collect and analyze data on competitors, customer preferences and service requirements, and use such analytical data to improve/enhance the Company’s operation performance, products and services strategically;
  • Analyze and compare actual operating results to projected performance; assist senior management find effective factory operation and production strategies  to expand our company vendor and customer base, and help senior management to make management/investment decisions on new product line.


Requirements:  at least bachelor or higher degree in Business Analytics, Management or close related fields, with extensive knowledge of enterprise operations management including marketing management, financial/managerial modeling and business development strategy.



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Triangle Home Fashions was born out of an entrepreneurial spirit in 2008. The vision was clear: there was a need for unique and fashionable home textile products at the key promotional price points.


Triangle Home Fashions not only designs and manufactures high-quality, well-designed bedding, but has expanded its offering to include window coverings, shower curtains, decorative pillows, and outdoor cushions and pillows, as well as accessories for the home. We offer fulfillment for e-commerce and brick and mortar stores, along with private label design and manufacturing services.